Teodor T. Postolache

Teodor T. Postolache, MD, associate professor and the director of the Mood and Anxiety Program of the University of Maryland School of Medicine, trained in mental health research as a fellow at the National Institute of Mental Health in Bethesda, Maryland. A graduate of the Cluj-Napoca Medical School in Romania, he completed postgraduate studies in Medicine at the University of Vienna General Hospital (Vienna, Austria) and Broussais Hospital (Paris, France) with residency training in psychiatry at Beth Israel Medical Center (New York, NY).  His research, supported by federal (NIH R01, R34 and R21) and foundation grants is multidisciplinary, based on broad collaborations with experts in epidemiology, behavioral and molecular medicine, and focused on interactions between environment, mood disorders and behavior. He received a Laughlin award from the American College of Psychiatrists, a Fellows Award for Research Excellence from NIH, two Teacher of the Year awards (Maryland/ Sheppard Pratt and St. Elizabeths Hospital psychiatry residency training programs)  a NARSAD Independent Investigator Award and awards from the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention.