Main Theme

Sharing global knowledge and understanding

Who Should Participate?

Professionals from all disciplines working in health and human development interested in the public health issues relevant today.


♦ Disability over the lifespan (all ages and also premature aging)
Chronic disease over the lifespan
♦ Violence, abuse and maltreatment
♦ Integrative medicine, children and adults
♦ Obesity
♦ Eating disorders
♦ Positive youth development
♦ Pain over the lifespan
♦ Autism
♦ Child and adolescent health
♦ Poverty and chronic diseases
♦ Sports and disability
♦ Mind-body
♦ Chronic disease and public health issues
♦ Gender issues and chronic disease
♦ Psychological issues
♦ Psychosocial issues of chronic diseases
♦ Substance abuse
♦ Rehabilitation
♦ Service, care, policy and transition
♦ Health and human development over the lifespan